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Class Information

Chinese Classic Dance  (Youth)


Regular Classes teaching foundations and helping students with their body shape improvement. Through the combination of ballet shape and classical rhythm, to enhance the control of the body muscles, increase the coordination and flexibility of the body; enhance the soft opening of the body; learn to express specific inner feelings, learn to feel the rhythm of music, increase the sense of dance rhythm. Lay a good foundation for a good dance.


Advance Classic Dance


An advanced class that mainly teach students who want to join the competition. Students will learn vary kinds of dancing techniques and tumbling techniques through professional and academic training. Training as a team will help students learn the cooperation with teamates. (Audition required)

主要教学学生参赛内容, 通过专业的学院教学方式让学生掌握各种高难度的舞蹈技巧和各种高不同的舞蹈翻转技能。在比赛过程中让小朋友懂得团队合作的重要性。(参赛选手须经通过选拔)

Dance Foundations

​初级舞蹈班/ 幼儿舞蹈班

Learn the basics and theories of dance, Acknolwdge the basic "mind and body connection" theory through combination training of studetns' shoulder, waist, legs, and hips and correct their wrong postures. Enlightenment students' perception of dancing to increase students' interest.



Adult Dance Class


Body sculpting class specially designed for adults. We use the physical ballet training system. It effectively consumes body fat in the combination of movement and static, and after continuous training, the body becomes healthy and slender.


Performance Dance


Mainly teach students a complete dance work. All the dance work is choreoed by our teacher. Students can learn performance skills and the Chinese folk culture through learning the dance work. No experience required. Recommended age: 4 - 16 years old.

舞蹈剧目主要教学生一支完整的舞蹈作品。舞蹈作品均由老师亲自创作,通过舞蹈作品训练孩子舞台表现力和舞蹈感受力,同时也能通过舞蹈了解更多中国舞蹈文化和民族文化。适合年龄:  4 -16岁。



Hip-hop dance includes teaching choreography, basic hip-hop posture. No experience required. Recommended age: 4 - 16 years old.

​街舞课主要教编舞作品和基本街舞动作。没有舞蹈经验要求。适合年龄: 4 -16岁。



The course is beginner friendly. Including teaching popular k-pop dance and explosive training. Suitable to all ages, we both youth class and adult class.




Chinese Dance Examination Syllabus


从2008年9月开始,中国舞考级课程正式播入中学Fine Arts课程中,所得学分计入大学入学总分。教育局规定如下:


· 中学10年级考获中国舞分级考试第七级者可获4分学分

· 中学11年级考获中国舞分级考试第八级者可获4分学分

· 中学12年级考获中国舞分级考试第九级者可获4分学分


Beginning September, 2008, the BC Ministry of Education has awarded Chinese Dance Syllabus students with a total of 12 credits to meet their fine arts and/or applied skills graduation requirement. These credits are awarded upon successful completion of the Chinese Dance Syllabus as follows:

• 4 credits for completing CDES 7 at the high school Grade 10 level.

• 4 credits for completing CDES 8 at the high school Grade 11 level.

• 4 credits for completing CDES 9 at the high school Grade 12 level.

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